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7 Myths of feeding your dog a raw diet

June 20, 2018

7 Myths of feeding your dog a raw diet

As pet owners, you want to feed your dog something that is healthy, affordable and flavorsome. There are so many choices in the marketplace from kibble, to dry to a Raw Diet and everything in between.

Educating yourself will ultimately help you choose what is best for you and your pet. There is a lot of information and misinformation out there especially about a Raw Food Diet. 

Myth #1:  Feeding Raw is Expensive

Fact: There are some expensive brands in the marketplace, but you can make your own meals, using human grade foods available in your local grocery store. 

Myth #2:  Raw Food Diets are not  balanced.

Fact: If done properly , the raw diet contain more nutrients & minerals and provide everything needed for a healthy meal.

Myth #3: Your pet is susceptible to Salmonella 

Fact: Your dog's digestive system can handle bacteria in it's gut without a problem. Their systems are built to prevent harmful bacteria from invading the body and keeps a healthy balance of the intestinal flora.

Myth #4:  Feeding raw is difficult and complicated

Fact: Once you know the proper balance of foods and vitamins, it is no more complicated than opening a bag of kibble.

Myth #5:  Pets are more aggressive on raw diets

Fact: There is no correlation between aggressive behavior and feeding raw. A well trained dog is a happy and well adjusted pet.

Myth #6:  Bones are harmful

Fact: RAW bones are an important part of the nutrients needed for a well balanced diet. NEVER feed your pet cooked bones, they can splinter and cause major problems. 


Myth #7:  Raw diets are just for large breeds

Fact: Dogs of any size will benefit from a raw diet.

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